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50 Gifts For Climbers

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your climbing friend or loved one, then this is the guide for you. Items are organized by price – Items under $25, $50, $100 and $200
Under $25

Under $50

Under $100

Under $200

Gifts Under $25

Novelty Coffee Mug with Indoor Rock Climbing Holds $12

With coffee and tea being popular drinks, climbers are always in need of more mugs. This Mug expresses the personality of a climber while helping them feel closer to the crag at work.

crag mug
climbing chalk colored

Eco-Friendly, Non-staining Chalk: $15

Climbing chalk has been known to leave a white residue on the rock. This chalk is mean to blend in with the stone so any leftover chalk doesn’t take away from the beauty of the rock-face. This premium climbers chalk is perfect for sandstone. Black, Red and White are also available.

MIDAS Liquid Chalk: $11​

These small tubes of liquid chalk make it easy for climbers to have chalk with them all the time without the worry of a mess. You never know when they may come across a nice climbing wall and this handy chalk will make it easier for them to climb.

liquid Chalk
climbskin hand cream

Climbskin Hand Cream: $25

Climbers are notorious for rough skin, but climbing can cause discomfort and pain so Climbskin hand cream provides relief.

Carabiner Multi-Tool Kit: $12

This survival multi-tool is the perfect addition to a climbers climbing kit.

5 in 1 function:
1. Carabiner Hook with screw lock
2. Slot screwdriver
3. Philips screwdriver
4. Cutting/ Stainless steel knife
5. Bottle Opener

Carbiner Multi-Tool
Womens Climbing Shirt

Womens Climbing Shirt: $17

Many love to show off their love of climbing and this shirt design is the perfect way to do that. For any woman climber, this shirt will surely become one of their favorite go-to t-shirts.

Funny Climbers Shirt: $19

This shirt is a great combination of a quality and funny design that many climbers will relate to.

Worlds Okayest Climber
Alex Honald's Book

Alone On The Wall by Alex Honnold – Hard Cover: $24

On June 3rd, 2017, Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo Yosemite’s El Capitan—to scale the wall without rope, a partner, or any protective gear—completing what was described as “the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport”

Grip Strength Set: $10

One of the most popular training regimen s for climbers is grip strengthening. This is a great set to not only increase your grip strength, but also to decrease chance of injury.

Grip Strength
Climbers Socks

Climbers Socks: $16

These novelty socks are a great way for climbers to show off their love of climbing.

Beanie: $11

Beanies are a very popular accessory in the climbing culture. A beanie like this that is nice with natural colors is a great gift that most any climber would enjoy.


Rock Climbing Button Set: $12.50

A great way to share your love of climbing with the people around you is by wearing climbing buttons. These are great for your hats, bags, shirts, etc.

Rock Climbing Keychains

Most everyone has a keychain and for rock climbing lovers, these keychains are a fun way to feel like you are at the crag every time your reach for your keys.

climbing calendar

2020 Climbing Calendar: $12

Twelve stunning, full color photographs typify the mental control, strength, endurance, technical knowledge and agility to climb sheer rock walls.

Sitting Pad: $9

Whether you are taking a snack break at the crag or need a clean place to sit, climbers would love to add this to their climbing bag.

sitting pad
Reflex Message Rings

Goda Acupressure Massage Rings (Set of 15): $9

Climbers frequently get soreness in their hands and fingers and this is a great relief.

Hand Warmer: $13

Refillable hand warmers are perfect for climbing outdoors in the cold. One of these in the climbers chalk bag is a great way to keep hands warm and functional when cold.

Hand Warmer
Hammock Kit

Hammock: $19

Hammocking is a growing activity that is very popular in the climbing community. This climbing kit is perfect for an easy setup and has netting for camping

Headlamp: $20

Headlamps are great for outdoor climbing when you want you are climbing at night or hiking back past sunset.

rapel gloves

Black Diamond Rappel and Belay Gloves: $19

Rapeling and belaying can be hard on climbers hands. Gloves give you additional confidence while gripping the rope and helps protect from rope burns.

Rock Climbing Rope Bag: $18

Climbing rope can be the heaviest gear that is carried to the cliff-side. A rope bag like this makes it easier to carry the rope and reserves more energy for climbing.

Gifts Under $50

Chalk Bag – Fun Monster: $33

Every climber needs a chalk bag and these little monsters are perfect. In addition to being a chalk bag and having left and right hand accessible brush holders, they also make for a great conversation piece.

fun monster chalk bag
chalk bucket

DMM Edge Chalk Bucket: $37

Chalk buckets are perfect for climbers who like to boulder. The bucket allows you to chalk both your hands at the same time. In addition, the large base of the bucket makes it easy to stand the bag up without worrying about it dumping chalk out.

Mammut – Multipitch Chalk Bag: $40

This chalk bag is perfect for big walls and multipitch climbing. It has great pockets so you can store everything you need without bringing an extra bag on the climb with you.

chalk bag
survival kit

Survival Kit: $35

The cool survival kit includes: 3-mode flashlight, Handy Fire starter, Wire saw, Multi-functional saber card, Paracord bracelet, Carabiner, Water Bottle Clip, Tungsten Pen and Emergency blanket. With over 1000 uses combined, this expertly assembled kit is the smartest and most compact survival kit of it’s kind.

Yoga Mat: $48

Yoga matts are more than just for doing yoga on. They are a great matts for your rope and are a nice padded area to stand on while belaying.

Yoga Mat
Climbing Magnent

Climbing Rock Magnent Set: $30

Everyone needs magnets for their fridge and these ones are perfect for your climbing loved one.

Slackline Set: $40

This is a complete slackline kit with everything you need including a 60 ft slackline with training line as well as tree covers and everything else you need to get started.

Slack Line Kit
petzle gloves

Petzle Rappel and Belay Gloves – $40

Petzle climbing gloves are perfect for perfecting your hands from rope burns. This is most popular when rapeling or belaying.

Belay Glasses: $50

A common complaint among climbers is the soreness you get from craning your neck to see the climber while Belaying. These belay glasses allow you to keep your neck in a neutral position while still being able to see the climber.

belay glasses

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle – 32oz: $45

Hydration is key to climbing performance and this reusable watter bottle will keep keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours when using the lid.

Solar Battery Pack: $50

This solar battery can be recharged within 8 hours under strong sunlight or by USB Charger. So even if the weather’s down or dark night, your cellphone or tablets can still be charged up.

battery pack

Gifts Under $100

Crash Pad Gear Organizer: $70

This is an incredible accessory for anyone bouldering outdoors. It fits on the crash pad so all of your gear is organized and you don’t have to worry about anything getting tangled or lost while going to the boulder and while you are climbing.

crash pad caddy
climbing capri

Climbing Capri – Men: $85

Climbing pants are essential for an enjoyable climbing trip. These pants light weight, stretchy and breathable.

Mad Rock Mars Deluxe Climbing Kit: $80

For any climber that either doesn’t have their own gear, or would like an extra set of gear for friends, this is a great starter kit. It comes with everything you need to get started including the harness, belay device, carabiner, chalk bag and a chalk ball.

mad rock deluxe climbing kit

Doorway Hangboard: $53

Hangboards is one of the most popular training that climbers do to up their climbing abilities. This hangboard has 8 exercises and can be easily installed in the doorway or anywhere else.

Slackers Ninja Starter Kit: $90

This Ninja Warrior slackline starter kit comes with 36′ Intro Kit and 7 Hanging Obstacles​ and can handle an impressive 250 lb max capacity​.

slack ninja

Hand Care Kit – Friction Labs Chunky: $85

Want to get your climbing loved one or friend an awesome climbing kit that they’ll actually use? This is ultimate for improving grip during the climb and hand recovery after the climb.

Heated Vest: $70

This 5V Heated Vest has three temperature settings and uses USB charging (Power Bank Need Purchase Separately). The perfect addition for any climber that wants to stay warm.

heated Vest

Gifts Under $200

Climbing Peg-Board: $110

Peg boards are a popular training for climbers. It assists with many aspects of climbers strength, hand-eye coordination and use of explosive energy.

Mad Rock Crash Pad: $200

When bouldering outdoors, it is important to have a crash pad underneath the climber in order to minimize injuries from falls.

Black Diamond Rope

Black Diamond Rope – 9.9ml 70 meters: $180

Climbing rope is arguably the most important safety gear used by climbers. 9.9ml thick is perfect for most belay devices and 70 meters will ensure that you have enough rope for most climbs.

Grigri Belay Divice: $110

If you follow this blog, you probably already know that this is my favorite belay device. When used properly, it adds peace of mind and additional safety for rock climbing.

petzl helmate

Petzl VERTEX VENT helmet Black: $147

An important safety gear in rock climbing is the helmet. This design is breathable and sleek for photos without compromise in safety

Woman Fleece Pullover: $150

Whether your loved one or friend boulders or climbs outdoors, these approach shoes will help him get to the climb safely. The sticky sole is perfect for approaching the climb and light weight so the climber can maintain energy.

alpine jacket

Microlight Alpine Jacket – Men’s: $180

Alpine jackets are probably the most popular in the climbing culture. They keep you warm and are relatively light weight to cary around.

LA SPORTIVA Boulder X Approach Shoe – Men’s: $120

Whether your loved one or friend boulders or climbs outdoors, these approach shoes will help him get to the climb safely. The sticky sole is perfect for approaching the climb and light weight so the climber can maintain energy.

approach shoes mens
approach womens

La Sportiva Boulder X Approach Shoe -Women’s: $120

Approach shoes are like a lighter pair of hiking shoes so you can still have energy in your feet when you get to the climb. In addition, they have superior grip to increase safety.