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About Send Edition

Send Edition is all about climbing, including tips, tricks and gear review for beginners climbing between V0-V5 and 5.9-5.11.D. Not to mention the popular pro climber series that includes climber highlights from competitions and popular sends. If you are into climbing, beginner or not, Send Edition is the place to be.

I started Send Edition back in January of 2020 and the YouTube channel in February 2020. The idea for Send Edition formed when I was getting pretty good at v3’s and started to do v4’s but there wasn’t a lot of free content online that was targeting my experience and skill level. Even for the programs that were available, they were by people who had been climbing v7+ for so long that they had forgotten what it was actually like as a beginner. I realized that I could help other climbers in my situation by sharing my experience so I’m doing that.

Send Edition is a climbing blog that every climber can enjoy/benefit from but it’s specifically for women climbers. There are many climbing blogs out there but as a women climber, I noticed that most of the blogs were by men so I wanted to create content that was catered to women by women climbers.