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Stay Warm on the Road: Choosing the Right Heater for Your Van

Stay Warm on the Road: Choosing the Right Heater for Your Van

If you’re living in a van, chances are you’ve already dealt with the issue of how to keep yourself warm. Maybe you just deal with it by putting on more layers or maybe you’ve gone as far as to install a heater in your van. But if you’re thinking about installing a heater, there are a few things you should take into account before making your purchase. In this blog post, we’ll go over some important factors to consider when choosing a heater for your van, so that you can stay warm on the road all winter long!

Why you might need a heater in your van

Whether you’re camping in cooler climates or planning to live full-time in your van, having a reliable source of heat can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort. But deciding regarding a heater isn’t as straightforward as it might seem – there are numerous factors to consider, ranging from the type of heater and installation requirements to where you plan on using the vehicle. A variety of heating solutions exist for a campervan, so thankfully you have plenty of options when deciding if you need one. Having knowledge about these options could be crucial for ensuring that your van stays nice and cozy during those colder times of the year.

When we built our van, we were under the impression that we would be chasing the hotter areas and thus wouldn’t need a heater. However, within a couple of weeks of being on the road, we found ourselves in the northeast in late November. We had multiple nights where the temperature was very frosty.

During this time, we purchased jackets and another blanket, which was enough for a couple of days in that area. However, two months later, we were in below-freezing temperatures.

Considering that we are still traveling in warmer temperatures, we decided that a short-term or simple heater would be best for us. That way the one or two nights that are cold, we can be comfortable.

Different types of heaters and how they work

Heat is a necessity during cold months and something we all take for granted. But what is it that makes heaters so reliable? Whether you’re new to the nomad lifestyle or just curious, this guide will help you understand the types of heaters available, how they work, and provide insight into which type of heater would be best for your specific needs in your van.

There are many different types of heaters, each with its own unique benefits. Here are some of the most popular varieties:

Electric Heaters

There are several types of electric heaters that are suitable for camper vans. Some popular options include:

  1. Ceramic heaters: These heaters use electricity to heat ceramic plates, which in turn radiate heat into the van. They are lightweight and portable, making them easy to move around as needed.
  2. Oil-filled heaters: These heaters use electricity to heat oil inside a radiator-like device. The oil retains heat and radiates it into the van, providing a steady source of warmth.
  3. Infrared heaters: These heaters use electricity to heat a filament, which in turn emits infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is a type of energy that can be absorbed by objects, warming them directly, these are energy efficient.
  4. Electric fan heaters: These heaters use a fan to blow hot air into the van. They typically have adjustable thermostats to control the temperature.

It’s important to consider the power source available in your van (battery, generator, or shore power) and the size of your van to choose the right heater that will fit your needs.

Gas Heaters

There are several types of gas heaters that are suitable for camper vans. Some popular options include:

  1. Propane heaters: These heaters use propane gas as a fuel source. They are often portable, making them easy to move around as needed. Some popular propane heaters for camper vans include Mr. Heater Buddy and the Olympian Wave.
  2. Diesel heaters: These heaters use diesel fuel as a fuel source. They are more efficient and longer lasting than propane heaters. They can be controlled by thermostats and/or remote control, and are often more powerful than propane heaters. Some examples are Eberspacher and Webasto heaters.
  3. Catalytic heaters: These heaters use propane or butane gas as a fuel source and catalytic reaction to produce heat. They are very efficient, safe, and do not require electricity to operate.

It’s important to note that gas heaters require proper ventilation to work safely and efficiently. It’s also important to consider the regulations and restrictions of the countries you’ll be traveling through and camping in before making a decision.

We decided to go with Mr. Heater Little Buddy. Though it is cheaper than everything else, the cost wasn’t why we went with it. We knew that we wouldn’t use the heater very often and thus wanted something that can be packed away. The Little Buddy packs away easily under our sink. Plus, we can easily purchase a can of propane to fuel it from tons of different places like Lowes, Walmart, Target, etc.

Portable Space Heaters

If you’re looking for on-demand heating options then portable space heaters may be just what you need! Portable space heaters come in many different varieties such as ceramic or forced air convection models that provide targeted spot heating quickly and efficiently wherever it’s needed most! Unlike other types of heaters, these can easily be moved around when needed due to their lightweight design and portability features like built-in carrying handles or wheels!

No matter what type of heater you choose – whether it’s electric, oil-filled radiators, gas, or portable space – understanding how different types work can help make sure you get the right heating solution for your needs! From providing instant on-demand warmth where it’s needed most to maintaining comfortable temperatures over extended periods – there’s an option out there no matter what your needs may be! So next time winter rolls around – make sure you know exactly how your heater works so that you can keep cozy without any worries!

How to install a heater in your van

Have you ever found yourself on a road trip in a cold van? Did you regret not installing a heater before taking off? Worry not! Installing a heater in your van is simpler than it may seem. While there are different types of heaters available on the market, there are some important factors that you should consider when making your choice. From determining the size of the space to be heated and understanding potential options such as electric heaters and propane units, finding your perfect fit becomes easier with the right research. Be sure to make safety a priority too; invest in quality supplies and read all instructions carefully while setting up your unit! With these tips in mind, staying warm while living on the road has never been easier.

Overall, having a heater in your van can make all the difference between being cozy and comfortable, or just being cold and uncomfortable. Not every case is the same so you should choose the type of heater that best fits your needs, whether that’s a propane gas heater, diesel heater, electric fan oven, or other heater option. We hope our article has helped demystify this topic and given you helpful guidance to decide how to approach heating your van so that it’s prepared for any weather situation! If you still have questions or want more info about installing a heater in your van, be sure to reach out to industry-specific websites for assistance. Finally, please remember to stay safe and enjoy your journey – wherever it takes you!