Best Approach Shoes – Approach Shoes

Approach shoes are a great way to make the hike to the crag easier and more comfortable. If you find that your feet are tiered or sore when you get to the base of the climb, it’s probably worth trying approach shoes because they make a big difference. So what approach shoes should you get?

The Black Diamond Session approach shoes are the perfect balance of light-weight and customized support with features like a foldable back to make them the best option on the market.

It took around 1-2 miles to fully break into the Sessions but once I did, they became my favorite. I don’t have to worry about my arch support because the sole of these shoes formed perfectly to my feet. Plus they are super lightweight so I hardly notice them when lifting my foot up high ridges.

Now when I arrive to the crag within 5 miles from the car, my feet are fresh and ready to squeeze into my climbing shoes (this is my favorite pair of climbing shoes from Backcountry)

See the price for the Men’s Sessions from Black Diamond from BackCountry

Here are the Women’s Sessions from Black Diamond from BackCountry