My Favorite Harness for Climbing

A climbing harness is the main safety device that connects you to the rope and the belay device and is also what you will be wearing for hours at a time so it’s important to select the right harness for your adventures. Because the harness is essential for your safety and comfort, you may wonder … Read more

What to bring on your next climbing day-trip

I live 20 minutes from American Fork Canyon and an hour from Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon, which means I can do climbing day trips easily throughout the summer and fall season. Because of this, I have a bit of experience with what to bring on a day trip climbing. In addition to climbing gear, … Read more

How To Put On A Harness

The most important part of a harness is ensuring that you are wearing it correctly for safety. Luckily, learning it once is usually all you need to get it right. Here are the six steps to putting it on correctly: Orient the harness so the belay loop is facing forward Place your legs in each … Read more

What Quickdraws Do Trad Climbers Use?

Trad climbing gear has some overlap with sport climbing and in this case, quickdraws are relatively similar to sport climbing but there are some details that will influence what you purchase for your rack. Trad draws are lighter than typical quickdraws. The dogbone (nylon material between the two carabiners) is thinner than your sport climbing … Read more

What is the minimal gear needed for bouldering?

Bouldering doesn’t require as much gear as rock climbing because most routes are up to 12ft and if you fall, there isn’t a belayer to prevent you from hitting the ground. For bouldering, the minimal gear you need includes a pair of climbing shoes and a crash pad. Most climbers also prefer chalk and a … Read more