Track Your Progress and Stay Motivated: The Ultimate Training Planner for Rock Climbers

I first started looking for a training planner for my climbing after reading multiple books about sports psychology. It turns out that many athletes and universities pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to unlock the secret to successful training so there is a lot of research surrounding the topic. I learned that the key to … Read more

Lower Body Mobility and Flexibility Challenge

Professional climbers recognize the importance of mobility and flexibility and spend a significant time on training. Most professional climbers have reported spending between 30-60 minutes every day on training these two things. Janja Garnbret, for example, in her earlier years as a professional youth climber, was recognized for spending half of her climbing session focusing … Read more

17 Footwork Drills for Climbing

If you feel like you’re too tired to finish a route or a climb is too hard, it’s probably that you’re using your arms significantly more than your feet or your footwork sucks.  I asked hundreds of climbers on Reddit, Facebook, and at the gym, “what footwork drills do you do?” and these are the … Read more

Mental Training For Climbing

Right before I rearranged my body position to jump down from a difficult move last week, strangers started cheering me on and soon enough, half the bouldering area was telling me I could do it – and I did. This got me wondering about my mental training when it comes to climbing. Some coaches suggest … Read more

Is Bouldering When Sore Bad?

I’ve recently started going back to the gym after a long Covid-induced gym closure break and boy have I been sore. This got me thinking, is it ok to boulder while sore? If the soreness is in your muscles, it is ok to climb a full session. However, if your soreness is related to tendons … Read more