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Gifts Climbers Can Bring On Climbing Trips

Gifts Climbers Can Bring On Climbing Trips

As a climber, I know how excited I get about going on a trip to climb new mountains and test my skills on a new rock face. If you have a climber in your life with that same drive, then you may want to get them a special gift that they will love on those special trips.

Getting a gift that marks all of the boxes can be challenging, however. That’s why I’ve made this gift guide. So relax, no need to stress because the answer to your challenge is here.

To make it easier, I’ve divided the guide into different sections:

  1. Gifts for Climbing Trip Essentials
  2. Gifts to Help Climbers Capture Their Experience
  3. Gifts that Make Climbing Trips More Luxrious


See pricing from BackCountry here.

Often times climbers like to take breaks between climbs and hammocks are light and portable ways to do that. Plus they are fun to take naps in.

This hammock is built for two people (up to 400 pounds) so she can share it with a special person or just give her extra space to enjoy. It packs down very small, making it super portable and easy to set up/clean up.

Portable Coffee Maker

See pricing from BackCountry here.

Bouldering trips are the best. You camp next to the boulder you are working on and each morning you wake up to the sunrise and birds singing before you start bouldering. The only thing missing from this picture is a fresh pot of coffee.

  • This is a collapsible, easy-to-clean French Press adapter
  • Works with MSR WindBoiler stove system for easy heating
  • 1 liter capacity

Old Trapper Jerky

See the price here.

There is something about climbing that makes you crave jerky! Old Trapper’s Beef-n-Cheese takes it a step further for the most delicious combo needed while climbing.

One side features their delicious smoked beef stick and the other is a slice of creamy American cheese. Two different flavors come together in snacking unity.

Old Trapper’s Beef-n-Cheese snack sticks come in two flavors: Original and Jalapeno. 

Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia Provisions, from the well-known company Patagonia, started selling organic food that is sourced responsibly and sustainably.

I was surprised that one of my favorite mountain apparel companies was selling food so I did some research and was really impressed with the nutritional value that you can get in such a light package.

They even have a 2-Day Camping trip Kit for two people that I intend to try out for myself because it would be incredible not to need to worry about all the food I need to buy for a trip with my spouse when I can just order everything as a kit.

Lightweight Water Bottle

See the price from REI here.

Everyone needs a water bottle, especially while they are climbing. There are tons of bottles for sale online but Hydro Flask is definitely the most popular brand.

I personally love the cute designs that you can get from REI because they are ultra-lightweight. Plus, when I’m giving them to someone as a gift, I usually like to fill water bottles with gift cards and stickers or other fun things to make the gift a little more than just a bottle.

Firstaid Kit

See pricing from REI here.

This is one of the most important things that boulders should have with them during their adventure. However, most climbers that have a First-Aid Kit with them do so because they got hurt or a friend got hurt in the past and didn’t have one.

You can be the one that helps them be prepared by getting this First-Aid Kit for their bouldering adventures.

One of the things I love about this specific kit from REI is that it is super lightweight and also comes with a mountaineering first-aid book so you can use it as a reference guide if you don’t know how to deal with something.

Solar Pannel Portfolio

See the pricing on REI here.

  • Ideal for charging small devices such as cameras, phones, satellite navigators, GPS devices, music players, watches, headlamps and more
  • Indicator light lets you check the charge at a glance
  • MPPT technology means the panel can still deliver power, even in low-light conditions
  • Durable, hardened case protection with a packable folding design
  • Simple mounting system is compatible with most backpacks

GoPro HERO10

See current prices from GoPro here.

Climbing is an adventurous sport that includes hiking, falling, towering up cliff-sides, and most of all enjoying the amazing views.

The GoPro makes it easy to capture memories and share them with family and friends by easily mounting them to your climbing helmet, harness, rope bag straps.

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II Digital Camera (Black)

See pricing from Pictureline here.

I considered suggesting a disposable camera here because that would be cheap but sharing photos with her friends and family on social media requires a digital camera. Not to mention the epic videos she can share her new boulder problem.

I used this camera for a little over a year before getting a mirrorless camera and was amazed at how much you get in an incredibly compact and light package.

  • 1.0-inch CMOS Sensor
  • 20.1 Megapixel High-sensitivity
  • 1080p Video
  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight: 7.3 ounces

Insta 360 Video Camera

See pricing from Amazon here.

Getting a good shot of you climbing can be practically impossible without a camera crew. This little camera, the Insta 360 can be that little camera crew. Not only do you get shots of what you’re seeing, but by mounting this camera on your helmet, viewers get a 360 shot of you actually climbing. With 5.7K resolution, it can almost look like you have a camera right behind you or to the side of you – whatever you prefer.

Photo Book

See the price from Amazon here.

Once you have your photos, you’ll need a place to keep them so you can remember your trip forever. That’s where this photo book comes in handy. It’s a sleek-looking photo album too so it can fit on any bookcase or be left out on the coffee table.

Hand Washing Kit – Suds2Go

See the price here.

As much as hand sanitizer works to keep your hands clean, there is nothing like actually washing your hands with soap and water. With this Suds2Go kit, that is a luxury you can afford and enjoy.

This kit comes with everything you need to dispense soap and water.

Portable Massage Gun -Theragun Mini

See the price from Amazon here.

One of the biggest luxuries that a climber can use on a trip is a massage gun. When it comes to climbing, your forearms especially can get pumped and a massage gun can help. This one from Theragun is not only portable but the battery also lasts a long time so even a week-long trip with daily massages can be accomplished without running out of batteries.

Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell Ultra

See updated price from BackCountry here.

Speakers are perfect for adding some entertainment on climbing trips. This one is actually built for the outside and has a cool LED light feature for at night too.

  • Bluetooth range of over 30 feet and a playtime of 8 hours on a single battery charge.
  • White LED lighting array in with three modes 150 lumens, 100 lumens, and low of 50 lumens
  • You can even use the power to charge external devices like your phone, GoPro or other devices

Ceramic Tea/Coffee Mug – Ecletticos Mug

See the price here.

Oftentimes, climbers will bring an acrylic mug on a climbing trip because it is difficult to break. However, one thing that can make a climbing trip feel more luxurious is by using a ceramic mug. I really like this one because it isn’t a plain mug – it also has a strainer and a fun lid to keep everything warm.

The elegant and earthy-toned ceramic combined with the wooden handle to create a naturally-textured experience. The ceramic strainer makes brewing a single serving of coffee or tea an easy and enjoyable affair, and the beautifully engraved lid fits on top to keep your drink warm.

Smores Kit – City Bonfires

See the price here.

Smores are the ultimate luxury for any climbing trip. Sometimes climbers get this kit so they can feel like they’re in the mountains while at home in the city but it’s also a great way to have smores at the crag when you don’t want to hike with bundles of wood or where wood fires aren’t allowed.