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29 Gifts for Climbers | Gear for Bouldering, Sport, Trad, Indoor, Budget, Stocking Stuffers

29 Gifts for Climbers | Gear for Bouldering, Sport, Trad, Indoor, Budget, Stocking Stuffers

Are you getting stressed about buying a gift for the climbing-obsessed person in your life? Well, you can feel at ease now because I’ve got the perfect gift for them!

Getting gifts for climbers may seem like a daunting challenge, however, with this guide, you can be sure that the climber in your life loves your gift. Of all my climbing friends and climbers that I’ve met, however, whatever you get them, they’ll probably love it. So don’t stress too much!

To make this a little bit easier for you, I’ve broken down this gift list into 6 sections to help you navigate easier.

  1. Gifts for Climbers Under $25
  2. Gifts for Boulderers
  3. Gifts for Sport Climbers
  4. Gifts for Trad Climbers
  5. Gifts for Indoor Rock Climbers
  6. Stocking Stuffers for Climbers

Climbing Chalk

Climbing chalk is probably the second most important piece of gear (climbing shoes being the first) that climbers use on each climb. Not only does it help them stay on holds longer but it also helps climbers prevent chunks of skin sticking to the rock face, which is commonly caused by sweat on the palms that grip the rock hold. Though most climbing chalk will work, many climbers prefer either Friction Labs or Black Diamond chalk.

So Ill Chalk Brush

Sometimes climbing holds will accumulate a lot of chalk on them and it makes it difficult for a climber to grip the handhold. A chalk brush is used to remove that chalk so that the climber can send the route easier.


Climbers use a lot of tape. Some types of climbing require more tape than others (like Trad climbing). Tape is used to help protect finger tendons from further damage but the most common use of tape is to protect the skin. Sometimes your skin gets worn down or you lose a chunk of it (flappers), so the tape will protect the new skin or the sore skin.

Friction Labs Skin File

When it comes to healthy climbing skin and preventing flappers, climbers have to sand down their callouses. That way the callouses don’t get caught on a climbing hold and cause a flapper. You can actually use a nail file to do this, or even a sanding block. However, the curvature of the friction lab’s skin file makes it superior to anything you can get at the grocery store or hardware store.

Black Diamond Session Approach Shoe

I love these shoes. It took about a mile of walking before I properly broke them in and once I did, they became my favorite approach shoe. Sometimes you have to go up some rocks or do some light climbing to get to the boulder and approaching shoes helps you do that safely.

crash pad caddy

Crash Pad Gear Organizer

This is an incredible accessory for anyone bouldering outdoors. It fits on the crash pad so all of your gear is organized and you don’t have to worry about anything getting tangled or lost while going to the boulder and while you are climbing.

Cute Monster Chalk Bucket

Chalk buckets are common among boulderers. They hold your chalk and are big enough to place both hands in at once. Plus, they are big enough to set on the ground without falling over while you are bouldering.

Bouldering Pad

Every boulderer needs a bouldering pad. It’s what cushions the many falls that every boulderer makes. The thicker the bouldering mat is, the softer the landing. Many boulderers already have at least one pad but additional pads enable safer landings when going from one side of the boulder to the other.

Chalk Brush

Most boulderers already have a brush, but having another brush is always nice, just in case! I have a brush in my chalk bucket and my waist chalk bag. One is fatter than the other and I wish that I had a fat and skinny one in both chalk bags.

The fat brush is good for large holds and large coverage whereas the skinny brush gets into small crevices and corners that the large brush can’t reach.

These brushes come in multiple colors and are very durable so you don’t have to worry about them when you chuck them on the ground.


A key part of every sport climbers gear kit is quickdraws. Even though your climber probably already has quickdraws, you can never have enough of them. Quickdraws are essential to the safety of a climber as they go up the rock. Unlike the climbing you typically see at an inside gym, sport climbers bring the rope up with them as they climb and clip into anchors using quickdraws.

Gear Pack

Every sport climber needs a bag to carry their gear to the crag. The crag is what we call the base of the cliff you climb.

This is a bag that is big enough to carry everything you need while being as comfortable as possible.

belay glasses

Belay Glasses

A common complaint among sport climbers is the soreness you get from craning your neck to see the climber while Belaying. These belay glasses allow you to keep your neck in a neutral position while still being able to see the climber.

Waist Chalk Bag

Because sport climbing routes are so long, it is common for climbers to re-chalk while on the side of the cliff. A waist chalk bag is what you use to haul the chalk up with you.

There are many different designs and styles of waist chalk bags but ideally, they come with a chalk brush holder and sometimes a little pocket for tape.

Climbing Training Book

Oftentimes, a climber has the strength and technique to complete a climb. However, fear is a common barrier that many sport climbers have to work through and overcome. This book was created to help climbers overcome that fear. There are exercises and training in this book that can help the climber overcome their fears while climbing.

Black Diamond Notion Pants

These pants are amazing! I liked my first pair so much that I bought them in 3 other colors… That is how much I like these pants!

They have extra material in the crotch so that you can spread your legs into splits for difficult climbing moves (if you can) as well as extra material on the knees so they last longer and can handle the rock face. I’ve been wearing them for over a year and none of them have holes or signs of wearing. 

Trad Rack Peice

The most precious gear that a trad climber has is their trad rack. The trad rack is the piece of gear that they use to place safety anchors into the rock face so if they fall, they only fall a few feet. Trad racks typically range in a bunch of “pieces” from small gear (meant for small cracks) and go all the way up to giant gear that fits where you could probably place your entire leg. Depending on the route, you need so many of each size – making any trad rack or individual pieces of safety gear a perfect gift for climbers!

TC Pro Climbing Shoes

Sometimes, while you’re in trad climbing, you’ll find your foot and ankle jammed into a crack (typically called off-width climbing) and unfortunately, your ankles get scraped up during this. That’s why so many trad climbers love the TC Pro climbing shoes – they have higher ankles, resulting in a little cushion and protection from being scraped up. Plus, they are the same shoes that Alex Honold from Free Solo wears.

Climbing Slings

Climbing slings are what most trad climbers use to carry their safety trad rack up with them on the route. It is also an essential piece of gear for creating an anchor once you reach the top of the route. Along with some other essential uses, the climbing sling is versatile and there is always need for additional slings – making it a perfect gift for trad climbers.

Hand Care Kit

I bought this Black Diamond Skin Care kit two years ago and it has almost everything a trad climber needs to care for their skin. Most skincare kits that are made for climbers only have a few files in them (like this one from BackCountry ) but this one also comes with a skin clipper that has a flat edge, which is ideal for clipping off the flappers. It has tape to help protect new/growing skin and it has a file block that has all of the different textures needed to maintain callouses and prevent flappers from occurring.

Tape is also common protection when your trad climber is sticking their hands in cracks (crack climbing). The tape is used as a barrier and sometimes a little cushion to prevent skin tares on the back of the hand.

Climbers Chalk – Friction Labs Unicorn Dust

Climbers chalk is often considered the difference between being able to hold on and send the route vs your hands slipping and you falling. Unfortunately, not all chalk feels the same. In fact, some chalk feels like you’re rubbing little pieces of gravel on your fingers. That’s why I like the Friction Labs Unicorn Dust chalk. It is so soft and powdery that it gets into all of the cracks and wrinkles of your fingers. I’d even say that it feels like your petting a unicorn when applying this chalk.

Petzl Adjama Harness

Most gyms have harnesses to rent but they are typically very uncomfortable to wear climbing and less comfortable to belay in compared to a personal harness that typically has cushioned leg loops and waistband. Additionally, there are two tie-in points for the rope and an extra loop specifically for belaying on personal harnesses, making them even more desirable.

Grigri Belay Device

Many gyms around the world are now requiring auto-locking belay devices. When used properly, they are the safest belay devices on the market. The Grigri is an auto-locking belay device and it is the number one most popular device on the market. I’ve used it for years and recommend it to climbers at any level doing any kind of rope climbing.

Gym Bag

Carrying all of your stuff to and from the gym can be a hassle, which is why I recommend a gym bag. Gym bags typically have enough space for all of their gym climbing gear and if you’re an indoor sport climber, it needs to have space for your rope. This bag has all of that while also being incredibly accessible so you don’t have to dig around a lot.

Climbing Class At The Local Gym

Climbing gyms typically have classes offered throughout the month for climbers of all skill levels. I’ve taken over 6 classes in the last year at my local gym and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys climbing. Not only do you learn a lot of new skills, but you also get to meet new people that have the same drive in climbing as you do. Because of this, its a great gift you can give – call a climbing gym near you for more information.

Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is like normal climbing chalk except that it comes in a lotion-like paste that climbers apply to the palms of their hands. Climbers usually use liquid chalk when they are at a climbing gym that doesn’t allow powder chalk or as a base layer under their powder chalk to enable them to climb longer without the need to really more chalk. My favorite chalk, by far, is Friction Labs Secret Stuff. It is alcohol-free, which is easier on your hands than the typical liquid chalk.

NoSweat Helmet Liner

One of the most important things for safe climbing outdoors is wearing a helmet. However, it is common for climbers to sweat, and beads of sweat running into your eyes are not what you want while you are focusing on a difficult move. That’s where these NoSweat inserts come in handy. Instead of having to keep taking off your helmet to wipe away moisture with your dirty hands, stick a NoSweat liner in it to instantly soak up any sweat, dirt, or oil on the forehead area.

RhinoSkin Repair

Climbing is really hard on your skin and it is common for climbers to have torn skin, cracks, and significant sensitivity on the palms of their hands. RhinoSkin Repair is the perfect product for this dilemma as it is built to help your skin heal faster and it tends to relieve some of the pain too. I’ve been using RhinoSkin Repair for almost a year now and it is definitely my favorite skincare product for climbers’ hands that I’ve tried.

Locking Carabiners

Climbers are always in need of carabiners and they are small enough to fit into most any stocking size. Even if they have 5 carabiners already, the need for carabiners in case of needing to safely bail off a route or just setting up anchors, the more the better. Though there are a few types of carabiners, the ones in the most demand tend to be locking carabiners. Especially twist-lock carabiners as those tend to be the easiest to use while setting up anchors outdoors.

Send It, Sending It, Sent It T’Shirt

T-shirts are always a fun gift and you can easily roll it up to fit inside a stocking for the perfect gift. This shirt is especially great for climbers because it describes the entire climbing adventure cycle – the decision to send it, the journey of sending it, and the feeling after having accomplished the climb!