Abseiling 101: Mastering the Art of Rappelling

Before I ever climbed up a cliff, I was rappelling off them in Southern Utah near Zions National Park. It was one of my favorite activities and probably one of the most exhilarating activities I still do today. Unfortunately, back in college, I thought I knew how to set up a rappelling rig on my … Read more

How to Retrieve Your Rope After Rappelling

Do you want to know how to retrieve your rope after rappelling? Rappelling is an excellent way for adventurers and explorers alike to get down from high places. Being able to retrieve the rope and continue on your way is most important for canyoneering as you will continue to hike onward after rappelling down. Retrieving … Read more

5 Ways to Practice Rappelling

Rappelling is a popular activity for those who enjoy mountain adventures. It’s also something that many people enjoy doing as an outdoor adventure sport. If you’ve only tried rappelling a few times, then you may want to practice on your own in order to get better.  Back Yourself Up On Top Rope Before you decide … Read more

The Best Rappelling Device For Canyoneering

Rappelling is thrilling and many people find rappeling as a super fun activity. If you want to build your gear kit, then one of the first things you’ll be looking for is what rappelling device you should purchase. I have quite a few different devices so I’m sharing my experience here as well as what … Read more

Comparing Different Types of Rappeling

I’ve enjoyed rappeling a lot in the last few years and it got me thinking about the many types of rappelling so I did some research. The most common types of rappeling are the standard rappel, Australian rappel, tandem rappel, military rappel, and free rappel. The biggest difference between these rappel types is the way … Read more

The Best Rope For Rappelling

The most important and also heaviest part of rappelling gear is the rope. Getting the right rope will not only ensure a safe descent, but it will also help make the experience more enjoyable. I wasn’t always sure what rope would be best for rappelling so I did some research and wanted to share what … Read more

Top Harnesses for Rappeling

Rappeling is an amazing adventure and it can be really fun. Something to help it be fun is by using the right gear, including a harness that allows you to comfortably sit and hang from the ropes for a long period of time. With that in mind, here are the top three harnesses that I … Read more

Beginners Guide to Rappeling

Repelling is a means of lowering a person from an anchor to the ground using a rope and belay device. Typically, the person being lowered is also the one controlling the gear and thus, how fast they lower off the rope. Repelling is most often used in canyoneering as well as outdoor climbing. However, the … Read more

How to Self-Repel on a Single Line with a Grigri

If you’ve been repelling and want to start upping your gear, then you may be interested in self-repelling with a Grigri on a single line. Repelling with a Grigri on a single line allows you to repel longer distances than on a double line and is a relatively quick option for those canyoneering and don’t … Read more