How To Put On A Harness

The most important part of a harness is ensuring that you are wearing it correctly for safety. Luckily, learning it once is usually all you need to get it right.

Here are the six steps to putting it on correctly:

  1. Orient the harness so the belay loop is facing forward
  2. Place your legs in each of the leg loops
  3. Pull the waist belt above your hips (this should also drag up the leg loops)
  4. Tighten the waistband so that it isn’t able to slide down your hips (see waistband fit above)
  5. Tighten your leg loops as tight as you feel comfortable (see leg loop fit above)
  6. Test the tightness on of your harness by hanging in it. There shouldn’t be more than a fist between the harness and your waist.

Wondering how your harness should fit? Check out the fitting guide here.

Want this harness?

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