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How To Clean Your Grigri

How To Clean Your Grigri

If you have a grigri, you may be curious about how to disinfect and clean it. Cleaning your grigri is easier than you may suspect. Below is a step-by-step recommendation based on Petzl (the creators of Grigri) maintenance guide for cleaning their guide.

When To Clean Your Grigri

  • After use in a salty environment (seaside)
  • If the device has oily dirt or mud

How To Clean Your Grigri

If you are cleaning your grigri due to a salty environment, all you need to do is rinse it with fresh water. If your device has oily dirt or mud, use these steps:

  1. Use a small brush (toothbrush or something like that) to remove oily dirt or mud

If you aren’t able to remove the oily dirt or mud with the brush, try the following:

  1. Mix warm water (ph-neutral, 30 °C maximum) with hand or face soap.
  2. Wash your grigri in the warm/soapy water by dipping the brush into the water and then brush the grigri
  3. Rinse the grigri with fresh tap water
  4. Dry as much as you can with a towel and then allow it to air dry

Additional Cleaning Tips and Warning

The following are recommendations for ensuring you don’t ruin your Grigri while you clean it.

  • Avoid acid or harsh cleaners. Do not use WD 40 type degreasers as these products remove lubricants and their abrasive effect can accelerate wear.
  • Only use household face and body soap. Solvents, stain removers, degreasers etc. are too strong and not compatible with most many materials.
  • Do Not use high-pressure water sprayer as they can remove lubricants and damage joints.

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